Everyone wants to become successful and rich. For some people this might be a motivation for a more personal factor but for most this is for them to be able to give themselves and their families the opportunity to turn away from a poverty-riddled life and towards a brighter future.

Today there are so many scams on getting rich fast schemes are almost too good to be true, but still are able to victimize some gullible people. But how can one really get rich and successful? Here are some genius but practical ways how.

Invest Early on

Now you must be realistic early on and know that there is no easy way to get to the goal of becoming rich and successful. There is no overnight process where one can go through in which one can become rich immediately.

Though this comes as a no-brainer but you must first start at the bottom and while you are there you can invest early on. Now what will you be investing on? Without any financial resources you can start investing on connections, rapport, trust, and generally invest on people who can pull you up along the way.  Also invest on knowledge and skills that you might need later on.

Go into Debt

This might sound a little too controversial but the moment that you have earned your first salary or earned your first profit, you are now finally eligible to take loans, now you can go into debt. No, you will not drown yourself into mindless debt grabbing beast. But you should build your debt record into a great record so you can borrow money to invest into a venture.

For example, you can connect with a mortgage broker Sydney area, if you happen to live in Australia, and you can buy you own real estate property through loans and resell the property once the market has reached a great value and price for such property. This way you are borrowing money to invest not to buy liabilities.

Have Extra Income

This goes better said than done because not everyone has the skillset to do multiple jobs and tasks all at once. But then again if you are one who has this deep motivation to become rich and successful then you can discipline yourself to take on some extra work or some menial jobs just to earn enough extra so that by the time you will be getting your salary, you already have received twice than the average employee because of your extra set income that goes along with your line of work.

Now do not get this article wrong, being rich and successful is in fact some of the most common general goals that most people have in their list, but it pays to consider that there is a process in everything and you cannot become and successful overnight, sometimes there is a major change in the character before richness and success is sought by an individual.