Office spaces should be set up in the most effective way with the necessary office equipment to ensure work efficiency. These one-time investments in office machinery act as a long-term asset for the company. Setting up a business enterprise or a servicing company isn’t easy; it requires a lot of planning and organizing.

For example, ranging from the office set up to employee selection, from selecting the right location, the building, furniture, and setting, to choosing the ideal directors, staff, and employees- one needs to get the best to ensure the best results.

Here, let us look into the details of setting up an office space. This task can be daunting mainly for these reasons.

  1. You are not sure or haven’t identified what are the required items yet.
  2. You are aware of the items required to operate. Though the expenses of purchasing all of it are scary.

Hence, to solve your issue, we have highlighted the basic requirements that will help kick-start the operation of your organization. However, this list can be updated and upgraded as you move forward. And, if you are operating in a particular niche and have additional requirements to purchase, those should be added too.

So, What Is the Necessary Office Equipment?

Well, to understand this, you need to know the difference between office supplies and office equipment.

Office Supplies

It is the daily use of office items, such as stationeries, accessories, and, etc.

Office Equipment

The office will invest in these items for long-term usage. For example, it is the machinery, furniture, and other types of equipment. This investment adds an asset to the organization. Thus, to ensure the higher durability of these products, office equipment servicing must be done on a routine basis. This will keep the office machinery in good condition, as well as, also save from costly repairs.

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So, What Are the Office Supplies?

This list is for the desk of every employee:

  • Pens, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers
  • Makers, highlighters
  • Paper clips, staplers, binder clips, cello tape, glue, scissors, hole puncher
  • Rubber bands
  • Calculators

Supplies in paper items

  • Paper files
  • Envelopes
  • Papers for printing and photocopy
  • Stamps and Ink Pad
  • Sticky notes and notepads
  • Toner, ink, and cartridges for printing
  • Calendar
  • Whiteboard

What Are the Office Equipment and Machinery Required?

  • Desktop or Laptop
  • Internet connection and WIFI routers
  • Telephones
  • Printers, scanners, photocopy machine, paper shredding machine
  • Television screen and dictation machine
  • Projectors
  • Air conditioners
  • Kitchen equipment, such as water filter, coffee machine, mugs, microwave, if possible, cutlery
  • Office furniture such as tables, chairs, couch

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Furniture for Professional Use

  • It should be budget-friendly
  • Design and style that goes along with the workspace ambiance
  • Good quality and lasting durability products
  • Keep a uniform product; for instance, the chairs for all employees, or the tables. This means, that if each table has different sizes, it would create levels within the employees in one category- therefore, purchasing a standard size for all employees is mandatory
  • Flexible furniture as it should be easier to move around
  • There should be 100% comfort, as it will impact the employees’ performance