If you are running a retail company with stores in a few locations and you are looking to expand to a larger customer base, you will need to get one thing right: engagement. Engagement with a customer is what attracts and establishes the relationship between the brand and the client.

Also, if you have noticed fewer customers entering your retail stores or visiting your online sites, the major issue could be a lack of customer engagement. Humans need relationships, they need to have the assurance the company cares in order for them to care about the products or services you offer as a retail company. To find out more check out the 3 tips below on how you could improve engagement in the retail sphere:

1.      Understand the Customers

One thing every human being is searching for is to be understood. As a company, you need to fulfill this human need through what your company offers. For instance, customers will always remember how you treated them. Going the extra mile for your customers even at a little cost could help you beat out your competitors, simply because a customer is treated well is more likely to attract others to the store and give your company a great reputation.

This can be achieved by ensuring the highest quality customer service to all customers that enter the store. In addition, create your brand to care for things your potential or current customers may care about such as sustainability, global warming, gender equality and equal wages to name a few. The more you start caring about your customers, the more they will start caring about you.

2.      Provide a Journey

When a customer enters your store create a ‘journey’ based environment. This means the customers are not just entering into a store, they are entering into a unique experience. To get the attention of customers you have to get creative and this will be an investment on your end.

Get innovative with technology including video walls at the entrance with bold aesthetics and hues enhancing the look of your brand videos. You could also provide a personalized reward system for loyal customers and keep them coming for more. Word of mouth will spread around and the next thing you know: your orders are piling up and customers will be constantly rushing in.

3.      Know how to Handle Complaints

The way you choose to respond to negative or positive suggestions, statements or critiques will illustrate how much you are truly listening to your customers. Regardless of the negativity or positivity of their feedback you must learn to always value your customers’ opinion.

In the occasion a customer makes a complaint, instead of trying to defend yourself and the company, try to take it as a way to further improve and show the customer that you will actively be looking into resolving the problem they have noticed. This could lead to needing to exchange a product or refunding money. These options are much better than ignoring a complaint or responding rudely to one as this could result in a loss for your business or a lawsuit.

Simply improve retail engagement by following these three tips and watch your stores expand & thrive!