Google has rolled out the Smart Reply feature for its inbox’s web version. The feature was previously available on the mobile version only.

Smart Reply scans all incoming e-mails analyze possible responses and present users with options that can be selected as a response. With this feature, there is no need to type long answers or type anything at all. Simply select the right response from the options given below the reply box. Users can edit the smart options according to their preferences as well.

Currently, this feature only sends small sentences and phrases that are a part of our everyday lives such as “thank you,” or “sorry.” The application will be updated over time to increase the number and relevancy of options.

Inbox by Gmail was first rolled out in mid-last year. After eight months, Google made it available for public use and removed the invitation-only label. Smart Reply is one of the many features that Google introduced back then. It was adopted in November and embraced very well. Over time, the feature became popular, which is why the search giant has now introduced it to the web version of Inbox.

To enhance user experience, Google introduced more features apart from Smart Reply. We can expect Google-Talk for Inbox web, send-with-a-selfie or pay, and other unique features to arrive soon.