Today many people are drowning in the mundane things in life such as status, fame, and money. And although many people talk bad about these things the real issue is that these things are bad in themselves. It is in the pursuit of all these things that we somehow forget our lives and we end up investing in things that are irrelevant to our lives and when the rainy days come, we are swept under because we haven’t invested in the important things. So, what are those important and essential things that we have to invest in? Here are some of them.


We all need money but it should not be our main pursuit such that we pursue money not for money itself but for the idea that we can support ourselves and our families for a better life. A life filled with opportunity and purpose.

It does not mean that we want to diminish the idea of suffering. Replace it with comfort but rather we pursue money so that we can save some money that in times of financial struggle or in times of great need we can get something out of our pockets to meet that need not only for our family but also for other people.


In connection with that, we also have to work on our insurance. Now you might argue that insurance is a peripheral need, that might be true. But somehow you still need it because you will never know when you will fall ill or when an accident happens, or when you are going to die.

So at least in these major events. Your family will never feel the financial burden of your needs since you have already insured yourself. Besides a life insurance quote is not that costly to start with. You can always work on it depending on the availability of your finances.

Rainy Days
Image Source: Pexel

Support Network

You need a couple of people whom you can really depend on and people you know who are rooting for your success. You are genuinely concerned for your well-being. Nobody comes out of this life alive, we all die but that is not the point. The whole point is that at some point in our lives we build connections with other people and support those people when we die. We find ourselves content with the support network that we have built for ourselves. 

These networks support us in our deepest and most fragile moments in life, and we all need those safety nets.


We needed the passion that we have inside. Technically this passion that we feel never fades away. It stays there or it might change focus but it will always stay there. On the rainy days of our life, we tend to look for motivation. Help from the outward but seldom from the inner part.

Our passions might anchor us towards purpose and motivation thus lending us an extra set of zest for life. We need to invest in our passion so that it can hold us for the better and for the worst days of our lives.

On the rainy days of our lives. It pays to have something to anchor our lives and our wits onto because life is a constant battle of attrition. We all need that something that is larger than life itself to anchor ourselves to. Else we will get carried away and lose our bearing.