Before you decide to get yourself an Apple Watch, you might want to look elsewhere

Only days have passed since Apple Inc. started rolling out the Apple Watch to its customers after having taken the preorders just over a fortnight ago, and ever since, just as you would expect, the watch has been the center of attention, catching all the limelight there is.

With an introductory price of $349, you have to say that not everyone can get their hands on the Apple Watch, which, surely, is as prestigious as it gets; at least at the moment it is. Hence, if you plan on getting yourself a smart watch, and sadly, fall short of the $349 price tag that the Apple Watch carries, you need not get sad since there are few decent smart watches that you could buy instead, and those too at a bargain.

Even if you happen to own an iPhone, some of these are very much iPhone-compatible, while some work incredibly well with Android. Here’s a list of watches that you could consider in place of the Apple Watch.

SamsungGear Fit

While you may not fall in total love with the Samsung Gear Fit right away, considering how it looks, it really offers immense utility through its strange, near 2-inch AMOLED digital screen. Gear Fit is waterproof, and is designed to comfortably fit around your wrist, regardless of where you are, or what activities you are indulging in.

Along with the fitness tracker that helps you take notes of how well you are doing each day, be that running, or swimming, Gear Fit offers a number of smartphone-like utilities, such as managing your music, or getting along on a phone call.

A host of devices have been set up by Samsung to operate in harmony with the Gear Fit. This includes Galaxy TabPRO, Galaxy NotePRO, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Mega 5.8, Galaxy Mega 6.3, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Grand 2, and Galaxy S5.

The reviews have been nothing less than fascinating, with customers seemingly delighted with the AMOLED screen. What works in the favor of the Gear Fit even more is the fact that it is currently available on Amazon for a cut price of $135, being originally priced at $199.

Pebble Time Steel

While the new Pebble Time Steels looks remarkably like the classic Pebble Time, with a stainless steel case added on top of it, it could simply be tagged as an upscale version of Time. With the same design, as of the original Pebble, you now have new colors to look forward to, along with metal, and leather straps. Rest assured, the watch now has a more solid feel to it.

The watch is thicker than ever, with 1mm cut down, while the battery has been reportedly doubled, and now offers as many as 10 days once it is fully charged; an additional three-day battery time as compared to its predecessor. The e-color display that the Pebble Time Steel carries offers as many as 30 FPS, supports games, and is well readable even when you are under the sun. Also, thanks to the innate microphone, you have voice commands before you to get things going.

The watch is set to land this July, nearly two months later, along with a $299 price tag, while Kickstarter put it up for grabs at $250.

LG G Watch R
The successor to the LG Electronics G Watch, the G Watch R takes up a new shape, offering a whole circular space. And well, the watch makers seem to have utilized the resources efficiently, using the free space on the foot off the screen to help present before you alert texts.

Being 10mm thick, the leather strap is rather comfortable, fitting right on your wrist. However, the screen size has been reduced to 1.3 inches from its predecessor while replacing the LCD with a Plastic-OLED, operational on a 320 x 320x pixel resolution. And with a 1.2GHz processor working on the back-end in collaboration with 512MB worth of RAM, it makes the G Watch R a rather wise choice.

Just like most other watches, a heart-beat monitor, accelerometer, and gyroscope is there to be seen along with a few other elements, and services off Google such as the Voice Search, and Google Now.