Now and then people used to lose their valuable data or files in some or other way. Even the android phone users face this issue. It is the most common problem that they face today but, android mobile users are lucky. We have several Android data recovery software’s available in the market particularly designed for recovering the lost or deleted files from the android devices. Though the features of that software vary, their ultimate goal is, they recover the lost or deleted files from the android device. Do you have the same problem and want to recover your files now? Then, look at the few best and top android recovery software’s available in the market and we have listed them out below. So, go through it and recover your android device files today.

Different Types of Android Data or File Recovery Software’s You Can Try

1. MobiSaver:

This is one of the best android data or file recovery software’s available in the market. There are both free and paid versions of this software. With this you can efficiently recover various number of file types that are lost or deleted from your android device. But the free version will allow you to recover only 6 file types and they are photos, SMS, videos, contacts, and music and document files. You can also recover the lost data from SD cards of the android device. Even this software is available in three different versions and the features will vary from version to version. So, it is necessary that you need to select the correct version of the software and recover your lost or deleted android files.

2. iSkysoft Android Data Recovery:

This is also the pioneer in this field of software’s for data recovery in android devices. It gives impressive results when used for recovering the lost files in Android. It has the capability of recovering various types of files which made this software as the top one for powerful scanning engine which will allow its program to scan and then recover the files lost. It even can recover the files that are lost during the OS corruption or error. This program can work on variety of devices as tested and give you good results. Most of the people use this software for recovering their files.

3. 7-Data Recovery:

The media files that are lost on the android devices such as photos, videos, and music files can be efficiently recovered from your android device using this 7-data recovery software. It even can recover the other files types such as documents and even the emails. The program of this software will scan your device for the deleted files and thus recovers the files. In order to protect the privacy of the users, here they are allowed for retrieving those files which are intended to recover and so that those files that are deleted intentionally are not again retrieved and thus it gives at most privacy for the users.

4. Wondershare Data Recovery:

Last but not least, wondershare is also the number one android data recovery software. The program in it allows recovering various types of files such as contact details, SMS, photos, music, video, documents, whatsapp history and other types of lost information from the android device. It just scans for the lost files and get backs all the lost files of your device with just one click. It just takes few seconds to complete the entire process after installing the software and is safe to use. This software is compatible with many new android devices available in the market today.

These are all the four best and top used android data recovery software’s in the market. So, people can download any of the software’s based on their requirement or the type of files you need to recover and install them on their device as per the instructions given to recover the different types of files on their android smart phone. This is all about the android data recovery software and its uses in recovering the lost or deleted files from your android device. Hope, any of these software’s will definitely help you to recover the lost files in android.