Everyone today needs privacy in whatever they do, particularly the information which is personal to us. When it comes to privacy lots of people today are using personal computers and laptops to store their valuable and personal information. But, there comes a situation where you need to give your devices to your friend up on their request. During that time there is a chance that they can access all your files or information. But don’t worry you can protect the private data from passwords today. With the advent of technology people today are using the passwords in several ways to protect their data. But, even the passwords are vulnerable today. So, we have come up with completely new method of locking and unlocking your device using an USB. To know about this method in detailed, you can go through the below information and protect your device information from being theft.

About the USB Lock:

Recently a new method has been introduced and used by many people that is, locking the laptop of PC with the help of USB. Here your USB will act as a key. That means it will only unlock when you unlock it with your USB or a pendrive. So with this, though people take your laptop without your intention they can’t unlock the device and access your information on it.

But, for locking or unlocking your PC or laptop you need to use special software such as a USB Raptor or Predator those are specially designed for this purpose. With this you can lock or unlock the system or you can even make use of the Syskey that is a windows inbuilt system utility.

Steps to Lock or Unlock PC or Laptop Using Software Predator

At first you need to download this software and install it on your PC or laptop.

After the predator launches, you can insert your USB flash drive in to your PC.

Now, a dialogue box will appear which asks you for creating the password. There you need to click “OK” for continuing.

Know in the preferences window you can see various key settings. Here, this helps you for unlocking the system through your USB drive is lost. There you can see a new password field. Enter a unique and secure password over there.

Now, go to the flash drive and click on the “Create Key” and then “OK”.

If you want to restart the program, you can click on the predator icon of your desktop. It even monitors for every 30 seconds for any USB drive. So, if you want to use a system for long time better click on the Pause monitoring of predator.

Steps to Lock or Unlock PC or Laptop Using Syskey

It is a very easy method when compared to the above and it doesn’t require installing any software. Just follow the below steps and it will be done.

At first, connect your USB drive to your PC or laptop.

Then, go to the Run and type Syskey over there and run.

Now, you can see a box. There click on “Encryption Enabled” and then “Update”.

After the above step, you will get two options, one is password startup and the other is System Generated Password.

To lock the system, you need to use the System Generated Password option. There, select the “Store Startup Key” on the floppy key and enter your password and then click the button “OK” to continue.

With this, the lock is applied and from next time you need to use the USB to unlock your PC or laptop.

This is how you can protect your data or information by locking or unlocking using the USB drive as a key or password.