Several types of tests that are required to be performed on a website application to get ta end product user friendly and perfect. Out of those tests, the one which we will be discussing about in this blog is prototype testing.

Protype testing is a method of website testing where sharing of prototypes and wireframes with participants is done. The participants used to view those prototypes and wireframes on their desktop and mobile devices to check the design during the development process itself.

Prototype testing is generally performed during the early cycle of development. This helps in achieving early user feedback. Thus, it helps in successful launching of the website application.

How to start Protype Testing?

To start prototype testing you need to have some programs like InVision or some other tools to share different prototypes. There are programs that allow you to share static images also. Some of those programs are Dropbox and Google Drive.

Some agencies help you share your in-house build prototype with test participants; this makes your prototype testing much easier than before. For sharing the prototypes or wireframes you need to keep certain things in mind. First thing is while you are sharing your protypes, your firewall will restrict the access of prototypes for the test participants. For that reason, you need to share a link on order page of the agency that is helping you in prototype testing.

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Many experts also recommend to the use of Dropbox for sharing different static images as it doesn’t ask for any login details to view the static images.

Different Types of Prototyping Tools that helps designers.

Below is the list of prototyping tools that are used by designers:

  1. Justinmind
  2. Invision
  3. Loop11
  4. Figma
  5. Adobe XD

Though all of them are premium tools used for prototype testing, some of them also offers their basis services at free of cost.

Let’s see the pricing of each of the tools mentioned above


Pricing – They doesn’t offer free service at all. Their pricing range starts from $19 and goes up to $49. You can also get certain discount if you opt for annual subscription.


Pricing – They offer free basic services but if you go for premium you have to pay $100 per month.


Pricing – They also offer some free basic services. For premium service they charge $63 per month if billed annually.


Pricing – Their Basic Services are free. If you go for premium you need to pay $45 per month. They also have some pocket saver plans if you go for annual subscription.

Adobe XD

Pricing – They offer limited services at free of cost. Their basic plans start from $23 per month.

Above are the Prototype Testing Agencies that are renowned and you can blindly trust them. Besides there are many more agencies that are capable of user testing as well as prototype testing. At the end of the day if you are a website owner or your website is under development process, it’s your call you will engage any expert agency or not.