Most people still rely on their trusty laptops and desktops to stream content. Not everyone gets Netflix on a smart TV. Streaming videos on a computer has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest downsides is an uncomfortable viewing experience.

You may not be able to relax on a couch and experience surround sound audio with a computer. But that situation can actually be improved. Here are some useful tips for upgrade your PC streaming experience and enjoy a home theatre-like atmosphere:

Invest in a Great Monitor

Most computer screens are small. If you are using a laptop, your screen is probably not much bigger than 17 inches. The monitors in desktops can be a bit limiting too. If you want a great streaming experience, get a great monitor.

Look for a product that can act as a computer monitor as well as a TV. There are excellent monitors designed for gaming, which more than suffice for entertainment purposes as well. Monitors don’t cost a lot, unless you are getting something massive and 4K. A Full HD monitor shouldn’t set you back more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Upgrade the Sound System

The sound is the most important factor after display to ensure a great viewing experience. If you want great sound, buy a solid set of Loewe audio speaker system. Wireless earpieces are great because then you can lay back and watch without wires hindering your experience. Earphones are remarkably improved in recent years, so you can actually enjoy a near surround sound experience with just a pair. Besides, you won’t have to set anything up when you buy headsets.

Get Blackout Curtains

Want a full-on home theatre experience? Then buy curtains that can completely darken the room you are in. When you watch videos, this would create a real cinema-like atmosphere so you can watch what you want without distractions. Dimming lights work as well, especially if you are already in a room that’s quite dark.

Go Wireless to Watch Movies Like in a Theatre

Wireless gadgets, like earphones, will eliminate the hassle of tangled up wires. The computer station is already full of various gadgets. You can keep things neat and convenient by getting wireless entertainment gadgets. There’s only a slight difference between wired and wireless items. Wired items deliver better sound and effects on average, but the difference you can experience is actually quite negligible.

Buy a Comfy Chair

Does the computer chair hurt your back? Dish out the wallet can get a comfortable chair for your computer desk. A chair with an adjustable seat would be the perfect choice for streaming sessions. You can lean back and watch, just like on a couch or a high-end movie theatre. Make sure the chair protects your back because you will be seated for a prolonged periods.

A chair with armrests or retractable parts that can support a keyboard and a mouse would be perfect. Then you can move away from the monitor without worrying about wire lengths. Buy a wireless keyboard and a mouse to get this experience.

Use the above tips and recreate your computer place to accommodate your entertainment needs just as well as work needs.