Magento is one of the top content management systems (CMS) for building e-commerce websites. Many notable brands use this CMS for their sites, and large businesses, in general, tend to prefer Magento. This cm is known to be powerful and flexible. Of course, Magento may not be for everyone. Certain small businesses with very limited amounts of traffic could end up overpaying for the platform. But in general, this CMS is known to be the top choice for building large and complex e-stores. If you are still deciding which CMS to use for building your own e-store, here is a list of advantages Magento offers that your business may be able to benefit from:

Different Editions for Different Businesses

Magento is offered in two main editions to choose depending on the nature of the business. The main edition is Enterprise, which comes at a full price and offers all the features. Enterprise is suited for large websites that enjoy high volumes of traffic. If you want to build a massive online store, Enterprise is definitely the solution for you. Magento also offers an open source Community edition at a price more affordable for smaller businesses. The community does not have all the features of Enterprise, which smaller sites may not actually need. The advantage of Community is that it comes with major online community support. Magento also has a version called GO, which is a hosted solution for particular types of ecommerce websites.

Free Features

This is an open source CMS. That means there are loads of features that are available completely for free. New developers also add new features users can easily benefit from. But do keep in mind that many of the star features of this CMS are available only from the paid Enterprise edition.

Platform Specific SEO

Obviously, for many ecommerce websites, SEO is a major concern. Some CMSs are not compatible with certain SEO techniques. Magento offers a unique solution to this problem with CMS-specific SEO. Generally speaking, this platform is better optimized for ecommerce SEO purposes. The CMS makes it much more convenient to do SEO things like indexing, calculating page traffic, issuing landing pages, and so on. Certain local developers also emphasize this fact. It easy to find marketing and developing teams locally, such as Magento Melbourne, for your website.

Developer Friendly

The CMS is one of the most developer-friendly CMSs out there. It’s a bit advanced, so the site will definitely need a developer. However, the developer will find it very easy to make changes like update content and add pages because the platform is designed to be developer friendly.

Multi-Store Management

Magento allows customers to add as many stores as desired and manage each from one account. If your Australian business needs to open a store for a different location like New Zealand or for international customers, it can be easily done using the platform. You can do everything from a single admin account.

The software is also highly mobile friendly, which is a must for the modern smartphone-driven market. Considering the above advantages, you won’t likely find a better CMS than this one.