The first type of oven is the burning wood oven that was initially built in France in 1490. Later on, in 1728 the Germans introduced the five plate iron oven. The kerosene oven and the baseburner soon followed the trend. Gas operated and electrical ovens were introduced in the 20th century. And Percy Spencer introduced the evolutionary microwave oven. Let’s take a look at the different heat sources used in modern ovens.

Gas Kilns

Gas ovens are generally used in restaurants due to its efficiency but now they are becoming increasingly popular in homes as well. There is a range of benefits that gas ovens provide.

Gas ovens come with control and precision. Just like gas cooktops, gas ovens can be manipulated as the cook’s desire. It allows you to precisely set the temperature and also it allows you to preheat the oven in a shorter period of time, in comparison to electric ovens. Gas ovens also cool down quickly just as they heat up. It is also famous for cooking food evenly so you won’t find burnt spots in your oven. Using gas as your power source means that you will be paying less for fuel because it heats up, cooks the meal and cools down pretty quickly. Also, gas ovens require less maintenance.

Electric Kilns

Electric ovens are reliable and reasonably priced ovens that are incredibly easy to use. Getting the oven started is pretty easy, you just have to press a button and turn a couple of knobs to get it started. Yes, they tend to take longer to preheat and sometimes unevenly cook food but they are an absolute favorite of home cooks.  Electric ovens are very dry inside, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too much moisture. However, if you require moisture then you can add a pan of water or spritz some water on the food.

Steam Kilns

Well, the steam kiln is a popular type of oven and is a great choice for homeowners who love to cook tasty food full of nutrients. These ovens are operated by pouring water into them. Water is generally stored in a separate canister until required by the oven itself. The boiler that boils the water will create the steam and this steam will heat up the oven. Through the explanation itself, we understand that steam oven takes longer to heat up in comparison to other ovens. However, the cooking time is reasonable and the food is considered to be very flavorful. The water creates a very moist cooking environment and makes the food absolutely healthy as no oil is used. 

You can find steam kilns in a variety of sizes, however, they cost a pretty penny when compared to other ovens. To be sure, buy a steam cooker before purchasing a proper steam kiln.

Different ovens have different fuels. To find the right oven for you, you must consider factors related to your kitchen and consumption. Ovens are now much easier to use, with power buttons and some knobs that must be turned to power it on.