Each decade or time is marked by a uniform or marked by a theme especially in politics and scientific inventions. What made this time very unique on the history of the world is that it marked the uniform theme of scientific and technological advancement that humanity has never seen before in its written past. Never have we encountered such fast turnover of new advancements that we, as a society, have not yet even assigned values to these things. We had a hard time dealing with the efficiency that technology has placed in our very palms.

The idea of a gadget that has the capability to keep one connected with other people, the idea that there is a vast network of computers and data that can communicate with each other in a split-second speed has not even lingered within the minds of our greatest philosophers and scientists of old, yet here we are with all of it and we are literally basking in the glory of the advancements made by mankind for its own purpose and amusements, we have become like gods and that is basically one of the most dangerous pictures that we can paint of to date.

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The Cloud Sharing System

The cloud sharing system was one of the greatest wonders in the development of gadgets, phones, and the internet. Cloud systems proves extra-large spaces for data storage for individuals and even big corporations, one does not have to buy large system structures and data bases for data storage, one can easily create a cloud account and be ready to experience the vast storage space for whatever one wants to save. Some use up-to-date methods and systems such as NetSuite partners in storing their large data files.

Android Phone Systems

The android phone operating systems are a wonder to behold especially in the arena of gadgets and phone manufacturing. Android OS basically revolutionized the phone utility system by offering free license use their OS and even creating it more user-friendly and easily to navigate platform on sharing and storage which gives the owner many benefits and upper hands in using the said OS. Furthermore, by offering it for free Android basically made the market a free-for-all arena for both big scale and small-scale phone manufacturers to innovate and sell products that has the same operation system.

Streaming Services

By removing the friction between the consumer and the commodity, streaking platforms has created a new market for themselves, and that is a market where the process of watching television has not appeared to become a two-way mechanism. Gone were the days where one has to wait for a time schedule for their favourite movie or to fall in line for queue for the cinema, with streaming companies offering a different approach in film viewing, one can now chose what watch, when to watch it and it give freedom to the consumer when to saturate their desire for a film.

The turn of the decade has seen a wide array of innovations in technology, but hopefully we never forget that we are human beings who happen to use technology for our daily lives, and not the other way around.