PHP web development platform is popular across the globe due to enhanced web development support and next-level customization. There are a wide number of open-source frameworks available in the market which can be integrated with PHP to develop web applications.

Out of which, Codeigniter is one of the most popular object-oriented PHP framework. We highly recommend you to use CodeIgniter for your next web application framework. Why? Because CodeIgniter is a hassle-free web application framework. It is useful to build effective and robust web applications. Moreover, it is suitable to develop dynamic applications.

In order to clear all your doubts about the CodeIgniter framework, here we will provide some of the essential reasons for the same and why you should go with CodeIgniter for your next web application project.

Without taking much of your time, let’s get started:

Benefits of CodeIgniter Framework


Error Handling

CodeIgniter consists of user-friendly and simple interfaces that can easily identify errors and then resolve them. Whenever there are any bugs, developers will receive instructions and debugging messages. Hence, they will be able to view a list of all the errors occurring in the PHP application.


Complete Validation System

One of the main benefits of this framework is that developers don’t have to write long code. CodeIgniter framework’s form validation feature allows developers to write code in a single line. Moreover, they can utilize a modern validation framework system to write code without any kind of bugs.

Quick to Customize & Configure

Codeigniter enables developers to customize any file and edit it without any restriction of time & place. Because the framework uses an MVC architecture, they can save files on specific folders. After developers have saved files, they can view as well as edit it based on the requirement.

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MVC Architecture

The frameworks work on the MVC architecture, which means it enables developers to handle separate code forms depending on their data structure.

For example, if a developer wants to modify the business logic of an application then they don’t have to touch the view part of any app. In the same way, if they want to modify the view, then they don’t have to interfere with the application part.

Inherent Tool Package

Codeigniter framework consists of a wide number of libraries such as unit testing, validations, zip encoding, sessions, and much more. Due to all these libraries and other tools, developers can handle arrays, strings, essential data, forms, and various other data files.

Improved Security

CodeIgniter framework is equipped with different tools that can be beneficial for the developers to build and adapt the security standards as per the project requirement. Moreover, the framework allows developers to build secure PHP apps by utilizing various features. Moreover, this feature sends different warnings to the developers to sustain the web application such as SQL injection, remote code execution, and cross-site shipping attacks.

Data Abstraction

The data abstraction layer present in the CodeIgniter framework enables the developer to create, update or remove any statement without any need to create raw SQL. However, if you hire CodeIgniter developers, they can utilize better customization features of the CodeIgniter framework such as addition or removal of rows & columns, or forming new tables in the database. 

Extensive Documentation

One of the most awesome advantages of the CodeIgniter framework is its extensive documentation. Also, documentation of CodeIgniter is 10X better than various other frameworks present in the market, because it is not only backed up not only by the community but also the company.

EllisLab is the name of the company that developed the CodeIgniter framework and they take complete dignity in providing high-level documentation in the PHP framework.


It is really easy to handle database schema updates on various fields with the help of the migration aspect. Also, migration from one server to another is seamless using the CodeIgniter framework.

Immersive Community Support

As of now, one of the leading PHP framework, CodeIgniter has over 57,000 members registered on the forum. The bigger the community, the better support you get. Day by day various new members are joining the forum, which ensures that you can resolve any issue in the project by posting questions in the forum and getting answers.

Features of CodeIgniter Framework

There are various features of CodeIgniter Framework, they are useful for building dynamic web apps.

  • Lightweight
  • Works on MVC system
  • Localization
  • Security & XSS Filtering
  • Data Validation Support
  • Session Management is easy
  • FTP Class and File Uploading class
  • Data Encryption
  • Error Logging
  • SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Pagination
  • Benchmarking
  • Adaptable URL Routing
  • XML-RPC Library and Large Library of “helper” functions and much more


From the above advantages and features, it is absolutely clear that CodeIgniter is highly beneficial for the development of web applications. The framework has a lot of advantages such as it is easy to use, consists of built-in libraries, detect bugs easily, migration is quick and fast, etc.

Lastly, if you are an entrepreneur or small & medium scale business owner, and want to build a web application, then you should go with CodeIgniter without any doubt. To develop web applications, you can hire CodeIgniter developers from a professional web development company. They will provide you with the best web application as per your business needs and the current market requirement.